Yangebup’s wastewater treatment plans draw new battle lines in the fight against odors

A month after a controversial crusher application was rejected, Yangebup residents face a new fight in the form of a wastewater treatment plan.

The Town of Cockburn has received a request to develop the treatment plant on Cocos Drive in the industrial area of ​​Bibra Lake.

If approved, the facility would be only 750m from some Yangebup residences, with many homes within the odor filtering distance recommended by the Department of Water and Environment. for liquid waste installations.

There are also parks and reserves within a mile of the site, including Levi Park and most of the eastern half of the South Lake Preserve.

EPA guidelines recommend applying odor buffers on a case-by-case basis.

In 1999, Cockburn’s council rejected a similar claim on Cocos Drive after receiving legal advice from Malcolm McCusker QC.

The Council considered that the request was a “harmful industry” and therefore incompatible with the zoning of the land.

When modifying the urban plan, the previous council pledged to “ensure that no harmful industry can be allowed to settle in the industrial areas of Lake Bibra and Cocos Park due to their proximity to the residential area of ​​Yangebup ”.

Noxieux has been defined as “a waste disposal site for the disposal of all liquid and dry waste of any kind”.

If approved, the site will accept, store and process a range of bulk and packaged liquid wastes including water-based paint washes, used oils and emulsions, engine coolants, waste galvanizing liquids, washing of concrete trucks and concrete plants, industrial washing of water and drilling mud.

The proposed plant would operate from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday, with the possibility of accepting waste after hours.

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