Why Just Salad started accepting reusable cups

Just Salad, the restaurant that has pioneered reusable packaging with its reusable bowl program for 15 years, launched a “Bring Your Own Cup” program last month. While not the first of its kind, it allows customers to bring their own mugs for the chain’s iconic herbal smoothies, which were previously packaged in disposable products.

“The environmental benefits of reusable products are clear,” Just Salad chief sustainability officer Sandra Noonan told Nation’s Restaurant News. “Reusable products save water, energy, carbon emissions, and natural resources, and the benefits increase the more you reuse. We work hard to make reusable products easy, rewarding and safe for our customers. “

Just Salad joins chains like Starbucks, Panera, and Dunkin ‘, which offer cup-of-coffee programs, but this was one of the first such programs for smoothies.

“We are encouraged that the large coffee and beverage chains also allow customers to bring in reusable mugs,” Noonan said.

The smoothie portions are standard, so you don’t have to worry about the size according to the size of the cups.

The outer containers are handled the same way as reusable bowls, with tongs and gloves, so there is no cross-contamination with sterilized and health code certified items in Just Salad kitchens.

“Our plant-based smoothies have been a hit with our customers, and we wanted to make sure that we could also bring the same philosophy to this popular menu category,” Noonan said.

Despite the extra work to keep it clean, Noonan believes it is worth saving the planet.

“This is something we can do every day to conserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions,” she said.

Stainless steel and polypropylene cups have the lowest impact compared to single-use cups if washed and used beyond the “break-even point” of six times, according to one. recent Upstream study that Noonan cited.

Just Salad publishes an annual sustainability report that tracks the chain’s impact on the environment each year and the performance of new or old initiatives each year.

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