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Here is the local news from the WFHB for Monday September 19, 2022.

Later in the program, WFHB correspondent Zyro Roze speaks with Woodie Bessler and Anne Hedin of the Center for Sustainable Living about empowering local residents to “go solar.” More information in today’s features report.

But first, your daily headlines.

Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission

At the Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission meeting on September 8, Senior Project Manager Gloria Colom Braña shared a petitioner’s request to install a fence on their property on East Atwater Avenue.

Colom Braña said the staff recommends approval for the installation of the fence. Then the petitioner Anne Findlay addressed the commission. She said she cared about the historic nature of the property, but resorted to putting up a fence to prevent further damage from a group of fraternity members living next door.

Member Commissioner Sam Desollar suggested they approve a fence that goes all the way around to prevent anyone from stepping into their bushes.

Petitioner Doug Findlay agreed this could be a problem in the future, however, he said he would prefer not to install more fencing unless necessary. He asked if the additional fence could be part of the petition provided the problem persisted.

Desollar approved the petition with the amendment.

Commissioner Marleen Newman said the property next to the petitioners has been an issue for years.

Commission member Ernesto Castaneda asked if there was anything else they could do and suggested that the commission write a letter to the city about the garbage problem.

Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development Director John Zody responded.

The committee unanimously approved the petition with the amendment that they can extend the fence if necessary.

The next meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission will take place on September 22.

Monroe County Solid Waste Management District Board Meeting

Photo by Benedict Jones.

At the September 8 meeting of the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District Board of Directors, Board Chair Cheryl Munson introduced new Comptroller Holly Dewar.

Monroe County Solid Waste Management District Executive Director Tom McGlasson presented his department’s report.

McGlasson also delivered the report from landfill compliance officer Joey Long because Long was on vacation.

Munson explained that this board meeting was cut short due to the Monroe County budget hearing, and said the next meeting on Oct. 13 will be more in-depth.

Feature report:

Photo courtesy of the Center for Sustainable Living.

Next, WFHB correspondent Zyro Roze explores ways to make renewable energy accessible to low-income Indiana citizens in his conversation with the leaders of two initiatives dedicated to empowering residents to “go green.” solar”.

Today, in the first installment of an ongoing reporting series, Roze introduces us to Woodie Bessler and Anne Hedin of the Center for Sustainable Living, or CSL for short, about the solar projects that operate under the nonprofit umbrella of CSL.

And now, part one with SIREN and Solar For All, two programs based in south-central Indiana. Stay tuned next Monday to hear Part II of the interview.

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