Boundary Power will deploy its versatile Kiosk solution, including a photovoltaic solar power system with battery storage at the Water Corporation’s Broome North Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Renewable Stand-Alone Power System (SPS) will be integrated with existing infrastructure to provide the facility with a safe, reliable, and off-grid solar and battery power solution upgrade.

Boundary Power is a joint venture between Australian energy utility Horizon Power and integrated power solutions provider Ampcontrol Limited.

Boundary Power Director Rod Henderson said “Key to Boundary Power’s ability to adapt and rethink our designs is what sets our products apart.”

“Our team has the expertise to deliver complete bespoke solutions, to design and engineer from our suite of products and to deliver uniquely designed solutions to our customers,” he said.

Boundary Power’s SPS Kiosk is a versatile, all-climate off-grid power solution capable of delivering larger loads, with a centralized control system to manage power and comes with a Category D wind rating.

A renewable power supply with control and monitoring to ensure smooth operation and efficient power supply, the Boundary Power team will adapt the SPS Kiosk to ensure the off-grid site has reliable, renewable power.

Work on the project has begun, with design, development, fabrication and installation to be completed in early 2023.