Waste management to get the top priority | Kochi News

Kochi: Kalamassery Municipality and Thrikkakara, the state’s high-income municipality, will present their budgets for 2022-2023 on Monday and Wednesday respectively.
Kalamassery Municipality President Seema Kannan said discussions on projects to be included in the budget were ongoing.
Waste treatment is a major issue for the two local authorities. The Municipality of Kalamassery had faced the wrath of the National Green Tribunal for poor waste management.
Thrikkakara Municipality Chairman Ajitha Thankappan said health, infrastructure and social security would be prioritized in the budget.
“The revenue collection problem that occurred during the pandemic has been resolved now and we have managed to collect good revenue. The municipality has implemented the projects announced in last year’s budget. The infrastructure sector will get a boost,” she said, adding that there will also be special packages in the health sector.
AS the local body has a large number of apartments due to the presence of IT and industrial companies, Thrikkakara faces the threat of waste.
“There will be separate recommendations in the budget to address waste issues. Kerala Enviro Infrastructure Ltd will process plastic waste collected from Thrikkakara. It is also recommended to create a green park. The aim is to reduce plastic waste within the limits of the local organism. We plan to acquire land for various activities in the healthcare sector,” Thankappan said.
She said recommendations put forward by standing committees would also be included in the budget.
The local body had planned to use the company’s five acres in Brahmapuram for the treatment of plastic waste, on lease. However, he refused the request.
While the company will present the budget on March 24, and the discussion about it will take place on March 26.


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