Waste management service looking to improve its Watford site


A waste management company is looking to increase its processing capacity and build a vehicle workshop as part of new plans at its Watford site.

PB Donoghue has submitted a planning application to Hertfordshire County Council to make changes to its Colne Way facility.

This includes increasing its waste processing capacity from 75,000 tpa (tonnes per year) to 200,000 tpa.

Plans also include expanding its existing processing shed and removing a baling shed for the construction of a vehicle workshop.

This would support the operational maintenance of the company’s fleet.

PB Donoghue also wants to build a new building for the processing of materials and have a double-story portacabin office.

A planning request document states that a “fundamental element of the proposed development and its design principles is to create a site separation between import, movement on site, processing and export (as that produces) C&I waste and inert / C & D waste ”.

“Not only will such separation improve the operational performance of the site, it will also allow more controlled management of potential impacts such as dust, noise and general nuisances,” he said.

You can view the application here


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