Waste Management offers tips for the safe disposal of flammable materials


PINE BELT, Mississippi (WDAM) – As residents of Pine Belt celebrate the 4th of July weekend with fireworks and festivities, Waste Management is reminding people that disposing of flammable waste properly protects the community.

According to Waste Management, this time of year sees an increase in flammable materials dumped curbside, creating dangerous situations.

Things like barbecue embers and ashes, pool chemicals, paint, lighter fluid, propane tanks, rechargeable lithium ion and ion batteries, and fireworks can start fires. garbage trucks, creating a dangerous situation for workers, neighbors and fire safety personnel.

Waste Management has provided the following tips to ensure flammable materials are disposed of safely:

  • Hot coals or ashes should never be placed in a garbage can.
  • Cool the coals for several days on the grill or in a metal container filled with water then close the container with a tight fitting lid before placing it in your trash.
  • Never place used coals in plastic, paper or wooden containers for disposal.
  • Keep all flammable and hazardous materials out of your waste and recycling containers, including lithium-ion and rechargeable batteries, paint, chemicals, fluorescent lights, pesticides, and oil rags. Visit your parish / city website to locate Household Hazardous Waste drop-off points in your area.
  • Collect your used lithium-ion batteries (from toys, greeting cards, and electronics) and rechargeable batteries in small plastic bags and take them to a hardware store or other drop-off point for recycling.
  • Make sure you dispose of used fireworks debris properly. The National Fireworks Safety Council recommends soaking used fireworks in water and allowing them to sit for 15 minutes before discarding them. Dispose of all other debris, including matches, wrappers, etc. used, in your trash can to avoid litter and water contamination by gunpowder residue.

Waste Management also encourages people to celebrate Independence Day in an eco-friendly way by using reusable dishes to reduce waste sent to landfill. Another alternative is to buy environmentally friendly tableware, such as products made from renewable plant materials like sugar cane and bamboo.

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