Waste disposal tariff to increase by 50% –LAWMA

By Ngozi Nwoke

The The Chief Executive of the Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA), Mr Ibrahim Odumbomi, has revealed that waste disposal fees could increase by 50% from October 1.

He made the revelation recently in Lagos during a press conference on the agency’s activities from January 2022 to date. He spoke about the challenges, the solutions as well as the sustainability measures that had been put in place.

Odumboni said rising operating costs, overheads, mainly diesel and spare parts for trucks, justified the increase, adding that given these realities, a revision of tariffs was in order. study and an upward price revision of approximately 50%.

He said, “Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu administration was planning to support Private Sector Participants (PSP) in the state waste disposal system with fuel subsidy hence the revision of the waste disposal tariff had become imperative.

“PSP, CDA/CDC and LAWMA will participate in the review process. We want to appeal to buildings, the sooner we resolve this the better for us in terms of percentage increase.

“In some cases it may be less than that, as the waste depends on your individual lifestyle.

“We are in the process of carrying out a thorough and consultative review of the prices of the PSP services we offer to households knowing full well that we are trying to recognize the economic trend in Nigeria.

“We try to make sure that we don’t introduce any changes that would automatically disenfranchise people and cause the threat of waste in our immediate society.”

Commenting on the indiscriminate dumping of plastic bottles and other solid waste in the state by traders and residents, the President of the Association of Waste Handlers of Nigeria (AWAMN), Mr. David Oriyomi implored the residents to follow the rules and regulations for waste disposal.

According to Oriyomi, “A poor attitude towards waste management, heavy rains and especially the prevailing diesel price pose huge challenges to the operating cost. Two trucks have already been converted to dual fuel systems – 50% diesel and 50% petrol for greater efficiency. On October 1, reduction notices would be issued for homes without trash cans.

“In the near future, the agency intended to operate a two-bin system, where one bin would be for recyclables and the other for organics. With the support of the state government, efforts would be harmonized to address the current challenges. The dominant challenges were those related to the exchange rate and the rising price of diesel, which had informed the high cost of operation. »

In his remarks, the Executive Director of LAWMA (Finance), Mr. Kunle Adebiyi called on the people of Lagos to patronize the PSP operators. instead of the illegal cart pushers dumping trash indiscriminately on the roads.

He said: ‘We call on residents to patronize PSP operators who apply professional measures to ensure waste management is properly maintained. We are in the process of carrying out an in-depth review of the prices of PSP services offered to households who are fully aware of the economic reality. Additionally, we are not introducing any changes that will distract consumers from our product.

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