Wapakoneta Receives State Funding to Expand Wastewater Treatment Facilities

WAPAKONETA — Ohio is providing funding to ensure municipal wastewater treatment facilities remain safe and healthy. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has disbursed loans in Northwest Ohio of up to $107 million. The Town of Wapakoneta will receive $82.7 million to expand its network of treatment plants.

The hope of each loan is to improve the overall water quality in the State of Ohio.

Governor Mike DeWine intervened.

“With this support, more communities across the state will make important system upgrades,” DeWine said. “This will ensure drinking water is clean and water infrastructure is reliable.”

Brent Hamel oversees the water treatment service in Wapakoneta.

“The EPA loan we’re using is for the water treatment plant expansion,” Hamel said. “The expansion will increase our overall capacity and significantly improve water quality by removing solids. It will include a completely new softening process.

The Ohio Loan Program was established in 1989 to help regions improve their systems. This will be the first loan Wapakoneta will receive.

“The whole community will feel the impact of the expansion,” added Hamel. “There will be benefits in water quality flowability and different things like that.”

The ministry plans to upgrade the sewage treatment plant to reduce sanitary sewer overflows to less than four per year and increase treatment capacity. These upgrades will reduce sewage flowing into the river.

In addition to the town of Wapakoneta, Putnam County and St. Mary’s will receive loans to improve its system. Putnam County received $150,000 from the project. St. Marys will receive $7.8 million to expand its wastewater treatment plant.

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