WADA’s Presidential Member supports the operation of cleaning your Henry Quartey facade

Mr. Alfred Asiedu Adjei, presiding member of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly said Henry Quartey’s policy “Clean your facade and let Greater Accra work” will catapult development and attitude change if strictly adhered to. .

He said the policy will also boost awareness among residents in the area and beyond on sanitation, waste management, cleanliness, discipline and crime and solutions.

Mr Adjei, who is currently attending a workshop, at Birmingham Hall 5, NEC, North Avenue, Marston Green, on recycling, resources and waste management, said changing people’s minds against some habits, although gradual was useful for the development of the country.

Others also participating in the workshop are; Mr. Joseph Korto, National Dean of Presiding Members, Mr. Michael Adu, Assembly Member at WADA and Mr. Theophilus Isaac Quayi also Member of the Assembly at WADA.

The program is the UK’s largest recycling, resources and waste management exhibition and is the largest recycling, resources and waste management event showcasing the latest technologies, strategies and innovations and most effective to professionals in the environment, resources and waste sectors.

Mr Adjei said their training was aimed at helping the regional minister of Greater Accra carry out his facade cleaning operation and leave the work program of Greater Accra and pledged to share the knowledge and skills acquired in the part of the British program with the other Presidents and Members of the Assembly.

He called on everyone to support the regional minister and the various assemblies in the region to achieve their goals because recycling was more profitable and less expensive than the current situation of paying companies to transport garbage to landfills which also presented risks. for human health.

“The more we recycle, the less it costs our Assemblies and ultimately you, the taxpayer. The energy saved by recycling a glass bottle is enough to power a light bulb for four hours.

Mr Adjei said that the Assemblies have an important role to play in the recycling infrastructure and the international waste market to address the challenges of plastic packaging in Ghana and that this could also create jobs in the value chain of Ghana. plastic and waste.

Operation Let Greater Accra Clean Your Facade is a program initiated by Mr. Henry Quartey, Regional Minister of Greater Accra to make the region clean and organized.

Its main principles are sanitation, waste management, education, health, discipline and the fight against crime, among other factors.

It is also about putting Assembly members and individuals on red alert against impunity and using positive vibes to change the mindset of people in Accra and beyond on some of the issues. negative activities in which they are engaged.

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