Voters in Vienna approve proposed spending, add increases for civil servants

VIENNA — Voters in Vienna have approved the city’s proposed spending plan for the year, adding increases for the three councillors, the fire chief and his deputy and deputy chiefs, and the city’s webmaster.

For about an hour and a half, about 30 people gathered at the community center to approve the current annual expenses of the town of 578 inhabitants.

Selectmen had proposed a spending plan of $621,311, but floor amendments added $500 to the compensation of each of the three members of the Board of Selectmen, $150 for the city webmaster and $500 each for the chief of firefighters, the deputy chief and the deputy chief.

In proposing the raise for the selectors, Creston Gaither said their salary had been frozen at $6,000 for a number of years, and given expected inflation, the current salary represented a pay cut.

Prior to the floor changes, it was proposed to increase the city’s annual expenditures by approximately $16,000 over the previous year. Part of this increase was attributed to an increase in the cost of waste management for the city.

“We now have to pay extra for our bulky vans,” coach Chris Smith said. “Too many people have taken advantage of it over the years, and they can’t afford to do it for free anymore.”

While the warrant article asked for $73,000, Smith proposed a revised amount of $81,000, which voters approved.

Selectors Chris Smith, left, and Jeff Rackliff listen on Saturday as board member Laura Church speaks at the annual city of Vienna meeting. Joe Phelan/Kennebec Journal

“There was a real possibility that the city would lose its entire big truck,” coach Laura Church said. “People were nice to their neighbors in other cities and let them leave devices in their yards. Over the past two years, the sheer volume of stuff has made it unprofitable for Riverside (Disposal). »

Smith said bulky waste should be limited to two cubic meters, roughly the same amount that can fit in the bed of a van.

In approving the city assembly’s mandate, voters also agreed to make the final payment of $14,141 for the city’s fire truck and applauded the end of payments.

In Vienna, the property tax rate is currently $19.40 per $1,000 of assessed value. Although city spending should not have a significant impact on the tax rate, it is too early to know what the rate will be for the year. Kennebec County and the Mt. Blue Regional School District, which includes Vienna, have not yet completed their budgets.

Before the meeting began, Richard Nystrom addressed the gathering for about 15 minutes, describing his arrest 22 years ago for disorderly conduct. He said he was asking the city to recognize him as a sovereign citizen and asked for a refund of the property tax he paid for the past 22 years.

In Friday’s election, residents of Vienna re-elected Selectman Christopher Smith for a three-year term with 30 votes. Kathleen Kelly won 1.

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