VMC will impose user fees on garbage collection


Initially, households in six neighborhoods will pay 30 to 120 per month, up to 15,000 for hotels.

The municipal company of Vijayawada (VMC) will soon start collecting “user fees” from households and commercial establishments for household garbage collection from July, in accordance with the provisions of the solid waste management rules 2016 published. by the central government.

The civic organization decided to collect 30 per household per month in the slums and 120 in non-slum areas. For businesses and commercial establishments, it will be between 200 and 15,000 per month depending on the type of establishment and the quantity of waste generated.

The proposal was approved by the city council.

Collecting user fees on garbage has become a prerequisite for releasing funds from centrally sponsored programs such as the Swachh Barath mission and AMRUT.

The civic organization planned to start collection in September 2020 at 50 per household but postponed it following a reaction from the public.

Initially, the VMC will collect user charges in six districts – 4, 10, 27, 36, 39 and 42 – which have been selected for a special sanitation campaign.

“User fees will only be used to improve sanitation in the city and the fund will be kept in a separate account,” City Commissioner V. Prasanna Venkatesh said in an interaction with reporters.

“We aim to improve sanitation in the city to the extent that people believe it is reasonable to pay user fees for the service rendered. People can make payment through digital or cash payment services and a hard and electronic copy of the receipt will be given when the amount is collected, ”said Mr. Venkatesh.

The application (PayU) and the e-Pos machines for collecting charges were being tested and in a few days collection would start in all six departments, he said.

Late charge

Households and establishments would have to pay late fees of 15 and 100 respectively if payment was made after the 7th of each month. “We are not going to charge late fees now, as awareness is more important at this point. Later, we will also accept quarterly payments,” said Mr. Venkatesh.

“Currently, we are focusing on improving sanitation in the six wards and desalination of drains and other works are underway,” he said.

Bins for households

To ensure the separation of garbage at source, the civic organization will distribute three bins to each of the 2.7 lakh households in the city. The distribution of blue, green and red bins for dry, wet and hazardous waste respectively began in the 42nd district on Saturday.

For function rooms and five-star hotels, the user fee is 15,000, and for three-star hotels and hospitals with more than 40 beds, it is 10,000. Fast food outlets, bakeries, confectioneries, wholesalers, butchers and offices will be charged below $ 500.


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