Visit this living building in Centerville, Indiana

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The “living building” of the Cope Environmental Center in Centerville, Indiana. CONTRIBUTED.

Credit: Picasa

Credit: Picasa

To achieve full certification as a living building under the Living Building Challenge, the Environmental Education Center has met strict criteria in seven focus areas, called petals. According to the Richmond / Wayne County Convention & Tourism Bureau, these petals are:

  • Petal 1 – Site: For every acre used for construction, an equal acre of previously unprotected land must be placed under a conservation easement and restored to natural vegetation.
  • Petal 2 – Net zero water: Site water usage should not exceed the amount of rainwater / groundwater recharge on the construction footprint.
  • Petal 3 – Net Zero Energy: Must produce all the energy they consume.
  • Petal 4 – Health: The health of visitors and staff is taken into account.
  • Petal 5 – Local, sustainable and non-toxic materials: All the materials used in the construction are respectful of man and the environment. A list of 19 “red list chemicals” is avoided.
  • Petal 6 – Fairness: Equal access to nature for all.
  • Petal 7 – Beauty: Create buildings that lift the spirits with aesthetic design.
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With this achievement under its belt, the Cope Environmental Center can now claim to house the greenest building in this part of the Midwest. The Environmental Education Center includes a reception room, a nature room (offering superb views of the surrounding landscapes), a classroom, a meeting place and office spaces.

To visit the Environmental Education Center or to learn more about the Cope Environmental Center, visit website of the center.


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