Viana do Castelo installs a system to save water and energy

The mayor of Viana do Castelo, Luís Nobre, announced an investment of 50,000 euros to install a system that will allow the municipality to save water and energy. It will be done “gradually” and will have “an immediate impact from the first year, in terms of savings of 200 thousand euros”, specified the mayor.

“It is a new measure that will involve an investment of 50,000 euros. We will act on 19 municipal equipment, pavilions, swimming pools, schools and firefighters. We will replace the entire shower system, not only to reduce water consumption, but also the energy associated with heating this water”, describes Luís Nobre.

According to the mayor, “in a demanding moment”, the municipality understands “that it makes sense to invest 50 thousand euros to save four times that amount”. In addition, the mayor explained: “We respect a principle of sustainability and contribute to good practices, but also to an immediate response, with an impact on the municipality’s accounts, in particular on energy-related costs”, added he specified.

Luís Nobre also indicated that “the market consultation procedure” for the acquisition of the system to be installed in the municipal showers “is underway”, but estimated that within two months the first equipment will be installed.

“With this mechanism, we will understand its effectiveness, trying to include it in buildings that have the highest number of showers,” he said.

The measure announced in Lusa by the mayor is part of the municipal water and energy saving plan that will be presented by the end of the week. The document results “from the challenge to municipal services to deepen the plan put in place in March, in order to reduce water consumption for watering gardens and green spaces and urban cleaning”.

According to the mayor, “the consolidation of this plan stems from the need to act also on energy because of its impact on the municipal accounts. It is an important impact, which will also occur in other municipalities.

Luís Nobre said that “the entire management team has been mobilized to find the greatest number of solutions, in the sensitivity of each service, to implement this in the short and medium term”.

“More than the economic effect, the municipal plan intends to alert on the principles of environmental sustainability, appealing to the relationship with both water and energy. We must change our behavior and our individual and collective attitude towards these two essential sources,” he added. concluded.

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