Utilities Service Alliance signs agreement with Korea

Overland Park, Kan., December 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Utilities Service Alliance, Inc. (US) and Korea’s largest power generation company, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP), signed an agreement on Dec. 3 to work mutually in support of U.S. goals and services with utility peers and to help promote goodwill in the industry. The United States and the KHNP will cooperate in the development of innovative solutions to improve the safety and performance of nuclear power plants within the United States fleet and throughout the international commercial nuclear industry.

Through this landmark agreement, KHNP will work with the United States, its subject matter experts and key plant executives from major U.S. commercial nuclear operators. Most importantly, the agreement provides a platform for the KHNP and the United States to exchange the latest safety practices and innovations to improve plant performance.

“This agreement not only expands the engagement and opportunities for KHNP in the United States, but it formalizes our collaboration on safety practices and performance improvement – something that the entire industry can benefit from,” said the President and CEO of the United States, John Christensen. “The United States and its members are also excited to take concrete steps to advance US-Korea commercial nuclear innovation and market cooperation. “

Under the agreement, KHNP will share its operating expertise of its fleet of 24 operating reactors and its operating and maintenance technologies, equipment and services that the company has established during its nearly 40 years of development. and operation of nuclear power plants.

“Through our new relationship, members in the United States will also be able to share their unique position in the industry and 25 years of experience operating their proven commercial and supplier partnership programs with KHNP,” said the president. from the United States Board of Directors, Joel Gebbie. “USA has helped its member utilities achieve and maintain consistent, profitable, first quartile performance – a proven and well-known measure of success within our industry – and we look forward to sharing our experiences through our new relationship. with KHNP. “

In line with the joint statement by US President Joe Biden and President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in on nuclear cooperation earlier this year in Washington, DC, KHNP has sought ways to partner and cooperate in the markets foreigners. KHNP viewed collaboration with US member utilities and supplier partners as an ideal solution to enhance cooperation and unlock business opportunities to add mutual value.

“As one of the world’s three largest nuclear operators, we look forward to exchanging information and collaborating on ideas with our new partners in the United States,” said KHNP CEO Mr. Jae- hoon Chung. “Most importantly, for nuclear power to be competitive in the age of decarbonization, building a reliable supply chain for equipment and materials must be founded first and foremost. I believe that if our experiences on operations and supply chains are shared and leveraged with member companies in the United States, it will pave the way for us to ensure the competitiveness of the Korea-United States nuclear industry.


About Utilities Service Alliance (US): Utilities Service Alliance, Inc. (United States) is a not-for-profit cooperative, governed by a board of directors composed of member utility officers and headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. USA is designed to facilitate collaboration among its eight member utilities. Together, they work to improve safety and performance, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and provide innovation and leadership within the nuclear power industry. By joining the Alliance, US member utilities get the best of both worlds; fleet while retaining the flexibility of their independent operator status. For more information, please visit us at https://www.usainc.org.

About Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP): KHNP is Korea’s largest electricity company, generating around 29.8% of total electricity (December 31, 2020 / The Monthly Report on Major Electric Power Statistics). KHNP is one of the top three global utilities providing 100% emissions solutions, including 24 nuclear power plants in operation and 4 more units under construction in Korea. KHNP is also a global leader in providing cost effective O&M solutions and building new nuclear power plants on time and on budget, including its advanced APR1400 reactor design. For more information on KHNP, please visit https://www.khnp.co.kr.

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