US Ecology: extends environmental solutions offered to the hospitality industry

It might be a while since you last arrived at the hotel, but when you did, you might remember being greeted with the option shown in the bathroom to leave towels on the floor to replace or hang them up for reuse and help cut hotel expenses. water consumption and preserve the environment.

While the hospitality industry has devoted significant resources to implementing initiatives that ensure greater sustainability to meet the demands of a more environmentally conscious traveler, such as the towel reuse program, an area sustainability plans fail: hazardous waste management.

That’s why, during the travel lull due to COVID-19, an international hotel conglomerate seized the opportunity to comply with changing regulatory pressures and implement a hazardous waste management program to increase sustainability and achieve greater compliance by partnering with US Ecology.

Using our hazardous waste management solutions for collection, transport, management and recycling as well as our national footprint of service centers, TSDFs and secure disposal sites, our team of professionals have personalized and implemented implemented the very first program for the hotel conglomerate to safely manage a variety of hazardous and state-regulated wastes. Starting by serving one of the dozens of brands operated by the hotel conglomerate, US Ecology now successfully manages a variety of wastes that previously had a negative impact on human health and the environment, including:

• Sterno cans: generated by the catering / catering services offered

• Paint waste: leftovers from the maintenance team providing touch-ups or renovations in hotels

• toiletries: mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and mouthwash

• Universal waste: bulbs and batteries for television remote controls

• Chemicals for swimming pools and spas

• Electronic waste: old telephones, televisions, hairdryers, in-room mini-fridges, etc.

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to expand its regulatory framework to new industries that were not previously scrutinized or heavily regulated, it is more important than ever for the hospitality industry to take proactive steps to manage safely waste, protect staff and customers and improve sustainability. before receiving significant fines or damaging their brand’s reputation. As US Ecology teams continue to help hotels achieve operational efficiency through service and training, the hotel conglomerate seeks to roll out our customized environmental solutions in other states and hotel brands.

Hospitality companies can better protect their brand and gain popularity among travelers and stakeholders with an ongoing commitment to achieving greater sustainability by implementing disciplined environmental solutions for waste previously destined for garbage. Choosing to partner with US Ecology for our 70 years of experience, a variety of recycling solutions and innovative technologies and unparalleled service helps ensure peace of mind and compliance for this hotel now that its hazardous waste is removed. are no longer a threat to the environment.

US Ecology continues to serve the hospitality industry and ensure the safety of travelers during the pandemic with our COVID decontamination and cleaning services for retailers, hotels and cruise ships as well as our ethanol recycling solutions for hand sanitizer. Our unwavering commitment to being the premier provider of environmental and emergency response solutions allows us to help all businesses, including those in the hospitality industry, get back to business faster and safely, while ensuring more high durability and ensuring compliance with constantly changing regulations.

To learn more about hotel solutions such as hazardous waste management, COVID decontamination or ethanol recovery, or to find out how US Ecology can help you manage waste in a more secure and compliant manner, contact Jeff Scott , Director of Retail Sales at [email protected] or by calling (800) 592-5489.

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