Untreated wastewater drains into the river at Meadowbrook golf course – Montreal

As golfers take to the Meadowbrook Golf Club in Montreal West, an unsightly river flows right next to the greens.

Both untreated sewage and raw sewage fill the stream that winds through the course.

The problem is due to the interconnection pipes in the neighboring cities of Montreal West and Côte Saint-Luc.

Sewage from homes is supposed to be connected to dedicated sewer lines, but in some cases this does not happen.

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“Frustrated, that’s for sure,” André Bélanger, executive director of the Rivières Foundation, told Global News.

Bélanger wants local municipalities to correct the problem at the source.

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“Can Côte Saint-Luc and Montreal West take a stand and say, okay, we’ll resolve this within the next three years,” he said.

The mayor of Côte Saint-Luc says that municipal authorities are aware of the problem and that they intend to correct the problem.

Mitchell Brownstein says there are four connecting pipes on people’s homes and five leaking city-owned sewer lines.

“Of course this is a big concern and we will, first of all, fix these cross connections and ask our residents to do the same.” Mitchell said.

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In an email to Global News, a spokesperson for the city of Montreal writes that the city plans to build a dike for untreated sewage so that raw sewage mixed with runoff is no longer exposed in the river.

But some environmentalists fear the city’s solution will dry up the river.

“There will be no more river. They remove 96 percent of the river’s watershed, ”Louise Legault, of the Friends of Meadowbrook Park, told Global News.

Bélanger wrote to the ministers of municipal affairs and the environment, but no commitments were made to help clean up the environmental mess.

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“I feel discouraged by this provincial government,” he said.

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