TMC executives condemn government for failing waste management in Cuncolim

Dec 18 2021 | 8:08 AM HIST

TMC executives condemn government for failing waste management in Cuncolim

Fernandes said the Goa State Pollution Control Board is a silent onlooker as usual and should be called the Pollution Board instead.

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MARGAO: Jorson Fernandes and Kiran Kandolkar, leaders of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), severely reprimand the chief minister, Dr Pramod Sawant, of the government for his failure on waste management protocols in the industrial area of ​​Cuncolim.

Speaking to the media, Fernandes also said that in the absence of any proper system of regulation or disposal of hazardous waste, the people of Cuncolim have been the recipients.

As the Cuncolim Citizens Action Front has repeatedly pointed out, tons of hazardous waste made up of untreated heavy metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium and zinc lie around, covered with a simple tarpaulin, which poses a serious health risk.

Blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government for its failure to address this crucial issue, Fernandes said the State of Goa Pollution Control Board was a silent onlooker as usual and should instead call itself the Council responsible for pollution.

The Nicomet plant, which had been closed after dumping thousands of tonnes of chemical waste, is now taken over by the company Vedanta. Fernandes and TMC have warned the latter and other government officials not to start the plant without disposing of hazardous waste.

“Despite the reminder to authorities year after year, no action has been taken on this. Additionally, a court order ordering the waste to be treated and stored in a captive landfill has also been ignored,” Fernandes said.

Citing several other shortcomings, Fernandes pointed out that Congressman Joaquim Alemao, BJP’s Rajan Naik and INC defector Clafasio had all treated the issue with utter contempt and left the people of Cuncolim in embarrassment.

Kandolkar called on the Cuncolkars to keep the legacy of their freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for freedom and fought against injustice. He said people should send these politicians home, the ones responsible for bringing polluting factories to Cuncolim. “The cuncolkars need a leader like Fernandes who works for public health and environmental protection,” Kandolkar said


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