Tips to avoid water accumulation at the start of the spring thaw

ELMIRA, NY (WETM) – The Twin Tiers continue to deal with high water levels in creeks and creeks, ice jams and power outages, leaving homeowners frustrated with battling the pooling of water that damaged buildings. Water and melting snow have flowed onto W. Clinton Street, making it dangerous for drivers and residents.

A series of pumps and drains pushed water out of Tyler Smith’s house. He says Thursday night’s storms caused nearly a foot and a half of water to accumulate in his basement and water from his neighbor’s yards pooled in front of his property.

“Rain started to come down and melt some of that snow,” Smith told 18 News. “It started piling up here [in front of the home] and had nowhere to drain.

Smith, who lives on a hill, says water is flowing from his garden to the side of his house and has nowhere to drain. Property flooding was a problem for many residents like Smith who woke up to water pooling inside and outside their homes.

“It gets to a point where the water has nowhere to go from my property going through the wall,” Smith added.

He says he tried to contact the city of Elmira for help, but had trouble fixing his property. He uses a series of pumps and drains to try to get the excess water out of his house, but he gets frustrated.

“I’m going around in circles without resolution,” he concluded.

As the spring thaw approaches, there are some best practices to prepare for the heavy melt. It is important to clear gutters and storm drains of debris. Also, sump pumps can help if water gets inside the house in the basement.

“Make sure your gutters are free of debris and clean up any grime,” added Max Bernhard, a sales associate at Horseheads Do It Center.

If the worst happens and you can’t get the water out of your property, Bernhard says the experts are ready to help. The Do It Center can help residents find contractors to clean up excess water that collects.

While temperatures are cold this weekend, warmer weather is on the way, so experts say it’s important to prepare now.

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