Syria seeks to develop environmental cooperation with Iran

TEHRAN – Syrian Minister of Local Government and Environment Hussein Makhlouf has asked Iran to strengthen joint environmental cooperation, Mehr reported.

Makhlouf, accompanied by Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Shafiq Dayoub and his accompanying delegation, met on Thursday with Alireza Zakani, Mayor of Tehran.

Syria’s most important problem and challenge is the problem of waste collection and energy production, he said, calling on Iranian companies to cooperate and invest in this direction.

One of the common characteristics of Iran and Syria is to have ancient cities, he said, adding that old cities must be protected and that along with this urban protection, technology must also be used.

The city of Damascus is one of the oldest cities in Western Asia (Middle East) and its ancient texture should be protected. In the plans drawn up, the development of green spaces is a priority, he said.

“We believe that our experiences and strengths in Tehran should be presented to the Syrian nation so that they can use all available capabilities and accelerate the construction of their country,” Zakani stressed.

In order to solve the problems and create more security and conditions for having a more beautiful and safer Tehran, we are rebuilding the capital on the axis of public transport, he noted.

The reconstruction centered on public transport will help us overcome the problem of traffic and air pollution and continue to maintain our Iranian-Islamic identity, he added.

Stressing the need to increase the connection between Tehran and Damascus from the sister cities partnership, he suggested exchanging experiences with Syria in the field of health, metro, smart transport and providing optimal services.

Regional diplomacy for a better environment

President Ebrahim Raisi stressed that the preservation of the environment is essential and an unavoidable priority, during the conference of ministers and officials of the environment on July 12.

“The conservation of the ecosystem and the environment, which is a global concern, especially for the countries of the region, is today an essential priority. If the environment is not safe and peaceful for people, development will be out of place and it will even become a threat to human health,” Raisi said.

“Iran is one of the leading countries to take steps towards environmental restoration as a requirement of social development and environmental destruction, which is the result of social inequalities and policies and misuse of nature and is an important factor in the violation of human rights.

Today’s world faces many environmental problems beyond geographical and political boundaries, and the West Asian region faces severe sand and dust storms.

Undoubtedly, reduced food and biological security, pollution and excessive resource extraction have led to reduced public health and negative impact on health and economy,” he said. lamented.

Plans should be drawn up for the management and operation of water, air, soil and waste management, he suggested, announcing the will to share experiences and knowledge with the neighboring countries to reduce pollution.

A union or environmental cooperation organization of West Asian countries should be formed to organize the required measures. Also, the establishment of a regional fund for financial support is necessary to achieve the objectives of the UN resolutions, he stressed.


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