Sundre receives $7.5 million grant for wastewater treatment plant – Red Deer Advocate

The city of Sundre will receive a one-time grant from the province to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant, after evaluating a pilot project to test new technology.

The pilot project, which ends in 2023, is part of the plans to modernize the treatment plant with new and innovative technology. The construction will create 69 jobs.

The Alberta government says the $7.5 million contribution will support innovation, be more cost-effective and provide environmental benefits.

“Water is our most precious resource,” said Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Transport.

“The Government of Alberta is pleased to support Sundre and other municipalities in their work to upgrade core facilities, plan for future growth, and meet environmental standards for today and tomorrow.

Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks and MPP for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, said the project was a “no-brainer”.

“The benefits of this new technology to the health of the Red Deer River, the future of Sundre and the residents of our community are many,” said Nixon.

“By partnering to upgrade the Sundre Wastewater Treatment Plant, the province and municipality are creating jobs and encouraging new technologies that will save residents millions of dollars.

Sundre Mayor Richard Warnock said the project could save the city millions of dollars in the long term.

Alberta Municipalities Chair Cathy Heron applauded the government’s support for the Sundre project, saying it will help reduce the plant’s physical footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are thrilled to see Sundre using cutting-edge technology – electroflocculation – to separate waste from water at its wastewater treatment plant,” Heron said.

Funding for this upgrade is consistent with Alberta Transportation’s updated requirements for water subsidy applications, the provincial government said. Applicants to the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership and Water for Life programs are encouraged to consider new materials or techniques endorsed by Alberta Environment and Parks to foster innovation in the water and wastewater sector.

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