SRM Council to Consider Guidance Resolution on Mobile Supplier Wastewater

ROCK SPRINGS – Rock Springs City Council is considering a resolution supporting the creation of a mobile supplier sector monitoring policy, which will be used to provide advice on wastewater disposal to suppliers.

The council will meet in regular session on Tuesday, November 2, at 7 p.m. at City Hall. During the meeting, the Council will consider a resolution outlining the proper waste disposal procedures that mobile vendors, including food trucks, should follow.

If approved, mobile providers will be required to follow all disposal and record retention requirements set out in the Mobile Provider Industry Monitoring Policy.

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Under the disposal section, the policy states that “the following locations are specifically prohibited from use; Recreational vehicle dumps, car washes, house cleanings, manholes, storm sewers / water inlets or surface locations.

Regarding record keeping, “all wastewater disposed of by a mobile food vendor should be recorded.”

Mobile vendors will also need to allow city staff access for inspections, sampling and review of records.

The policy also states that the city can refuse wastewater from a mobile provider if it is found to be non-compliant.

See document below for resolution and policy.

Other business

The Commission will read an order entitled “Licensing and Regulating Cell Phone Vendors” for the second time. This ordinance is created to recognize the growing number of mobile service providers throughout the city. Many contributions from cell phone vendors were made at the last meeting, and the city is working to change the ordinance based on those discussions.

Still by virtue of ordinances, the Council will read for the second time an ordinance modifying article 10-3, entitled “Passing merchants, hawkers and notaries”. This ordinance is being amended to remove transitional merchant language.

During the presentations, Council will hear an update on the fire prevention program from representatives of the Rock Springs Fire Department.

For the full agenda, click here.

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