Some Fultondale residents say they waited weeks to pick up the trash

FULTONDALE, Alabama (WBRC) – We have read your emails and seen your posts on Facebook regarding the issues the Town of Fultondale is facing regarding garbage collection.

Some say their garbage has not been picked up for weeks. And not only is the garbage not picked up properly, the pickup schedule is inconsistent.

City officials have said Waste Management has had ample time to fix the system’s issues, and if they don’t fix it soon, they will be forced to take further action.

Block 900 from Mountain Drive to Fultondale is garbage-free Wednesday, but that wasn’t the case less than 24 hours ago.

“If you had been here last night you would have walked this street and seen a lot of trash cans with trash going down the street,” said Mike Williams, Fultondale resident.

He said the garbage was finally picked up on Wednesday morning, but before that the situation had spiraled out of control, becoming an eyesore and attracting rodents.

He said Waste Management is supposed to pick up its garbage twice a week, but recently scheduled garbage pickups are unpredictable.

“My particular days here are Tuesday and Friday, but they can come in the morning, they can come in the afternoon, they may not come at all, and for 8, 9 days… they haven’t been here at all. , “Williams explained.

Williams lodged his complaints with the city ​​council on Tuesday evening, speaking on behalf of the many other residents of Fultondale also affected by the garbage collection issue.

“Give us what we pay for. I pay for the collection of my garbage. I just wish that would happen, ”said Williams.

City officials said Advance Disposable merged with Waste Management about 6 months ago.

Since then, the city has had to adapt to a new administration, a deadly tornado, debris removal and excessive rains.

Pro Tem Mayor Jimmie Lay said Waste Management faces a shortage of workers, but said the company has had ample time to address the issues.

“We contacted them, they gave us new contacts, in fact today they gave us three new people to contact when we have problems. So maybe that will fix some of the issues, but I know we’re not going to continue to have this issue, or we’ll look elsewhere for another business, ”Lay said.

Lay added that waste management has breached its contract with the city enough times that he is convinced the city could withdraw from the contract, if necessary.

We contacted Waste Management on Wednesday afternoon, but could not get any comments.

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