Solving the water problem and managing waste are at the heart of the Khabarhub agenda.

Metropolis of Lalitpur: solving the problem of water and waste management are on the agenda

Metropolitan City of Lalitpur. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Candidates in the upcoming local elections in the metropolitan city of Lalitpur have made solving the problem of drinking water and waste management the main agenda.

The candidates of the ruling coalition parties, the CPN (UML) and the Rastriya Prajatantra Party, as well as other parties have expressed their commitment to get involved in resolving these issues if they win the elections. The residents of Lalitpur Metropolitan City have been facing a drinking water problem for a long time.

Solving the problem of drinking water and waste management has become the election agenda this year too, as in previous elections.
The Metropolitan City of Lalitpur is dependent on the landfill site built by the federal government after the Metropolitan City failed to arrange a separate landfill site for garbage management. Candidates at all three levels are still pledging to solve drinking water problems and make the city clean in the election, this has yet to materialize.

Chiribabu Maharjan, candidate for mayor of the Metropolitan City of Lalitpur from the Nepalese Congress, was also the mayor of this metropolitan city before.

Maharjan said he carried out activities to address drinking water and garbage management issues during his tenure as mayor. He felt that garbage management and drinking water crisis is the common problem at all local levels in Kathmandu valley.

Now that the Melamchi water supply has been restored, we will do our best to detect places where potable water is not available. The water shortage will be solved even by fixing a deep tube well in the first phase. As Maharjan said, waste disposal is not a big problem for Lalitpur like in Kathmandu metropolis.

He said that during his tenure as the city’s mayor, he and his team had focused painstakingly on waste management. “We are able to manage the waste internally for about 15 days if we cannot transport the collection to the Nuwakot landfill.”
Maharjan was of the view to hand over the Bancharedana landfill construction project to the local government for its smooth implementation and management.

He said that although the former local government tried to undertake waste management works in the southern part of the city, it was not possible due to a geographical problem. “The site is under the aviation road.”

CPN (UML) mayoral candidate Hari Krishna Byanjankar has said that providing clean water to the city’s inner districts will be his priority agenda if elected to the post. Any local government is responsible for guaranteeing the basic right of the population to drinking water, he affirmed.

“Since water plays a direct role from cooking to people’s daily lives, we will now direct our efforts towards solving the acute water shortage problem in our metropolis,” he added.

Mayoral candidate Byanjankar shared that he had prepared the plan to rid the metropolis of waste, saying that the waste would be turned into manure using technology.

“There will be no garbage on the streets of the metropolis if I am elected as mayor,” Byanjankar reiterated.
Similarly, Ashta Bahadur Maharjan, the mayoral candidate of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), has said that improving water supply and sanitation in the metropolis is his main objective.

He said he would first identify the level of the problem in each district of the metropolis and convey the program on the basis of priority to solve the problem where it is most pronounced. “Citizens will only be healthy if all the streets of the metropolis are clean,” he stressed.

Manjali Shakya (Astha) who is the deputy mayor candidate of the CPN (UML) said that the implementation of the fundamental rights of the citizen was his first priority. She added that attention would be given to education, health and water for the people.

There is no water at the taps of the dwellings of several streets and interior alleys of the metropolis. “I have the plan to provide water to every house and every citizen,” she stressed. In addition, she said the project will be consulted with experts for the production of fertilizer from municipal waste. The city would be cleared of plastics and garbage within a year, she said.

Shakya also talked about his plans to operate electric vehicles in downtown neighborhoods. Elaborating on her plan, she said the program would be transmitted in collaboration with various countries.

“We also have a plan to plant 5 million plants for environmental conservation,” she added.

CPN (Maoist Centre) candidate for deputy mayor Baburaj Bajracharya said he plans to make the city clean by managing drinking water and sewage system. “Lalitpur is a bigger city in terms of geography and population. Problems related to drinking water were the biggest problems facing the inhabitants of the metropolis here,” he admitted, pledging to solve the related problem.

According to him, the problem related to drinking water prevailed in the Metropolis since the water from the drinking water project of Melamchi had not reached everywhere in the Metropolis.

Bajracharya shared that the city center still had a sewer problem which he assured would be solved if he was elected to the position. Citing sewage leaks along the Natole towards Gwarko in Lalitpur and the lack of clean slaughterhouses in the city, he reaffirmed his commitment to addressing these issues.

Furthermore, its priorities are economic growth, development of physical infrastructure, gender inclusion, among others, in addition to advancing the cause of heritage conservation in the city, which has been described as a hub of art and of the culture.

In total, 14 candidates submitted their candidacy for the post of mayor of the Metropolis while 13 registered their candidacy for the post of deputy mayor for the local elections of May 13.

Similarly, 169 people are running for Ward Presidents, 266 for Ward Members, 126 for Women Ward Members and 57 for Dalit Women Ward Members, according to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer. (RSS)

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