Snapshot 2021: Serving 1.4 million people with safe water and more – World

Water Mission was honored to serve over 1.4 million men, women and children in 2021.

Thanks to partners like you who have accompanied us, more than a million people have access to drinking water. In addition, 30,000 people received sanitation solutions, such as latrines at home, at their medical facilities or at school. More than 90,000 people benefit from the health and protection that comes from hygiene solutions such as handwashing stations and community training. With your help, we have also served over 265,000 survivors of 10 disasters around the world. Throughout our work as a clean water charity, we are committed to showing God’s love to those in need.

Each individual who has access to drinking water represents a victory in the fight against the global water crisis. They are also examples of God’s faithfulness and love, as you can see in the people and communities highlighted below.

Improving the health conditions of patients, healthcare workers and communities

Providing clean water to health clinics is an ongoing priority for Water Mission. Mothers and their newborns in Chiwe, Malawi, were among those who received a Water Mission drinking water solution at their local health center. It allowed expectant mothers to give birth close to home instead of traveling miles during labor. Learn more here.

Support children and their families

Of course, children need access to clean water well beyond infancy. For many years in Kavingoni Yeemulwa, in Kenya, school-aged children missed classes and missed out on their education due to time spent fetching water. Unfortunately, this water was contaminated water and often made the children too sick to go to school. Next, Water Mission installed a drinking water solution with seven water access points, including at the local school. The project serves 2,700 people and helps keep children and their families healthy. Learn more here.

Protect community members

In Mexico, the families of Francisco Madero facing problems similar to those of Kavingoni Yeemulwa. A couple, Hipolito and Martha Avila, have seen firsthand the negative impact of using contaminated water. This was especially true for the most vulnerable members of the community, the elderly and children — including the children of Hipolito and Martha. Sustainable drinking water solution Water Mission and our partner Iglesia Solo Cristo Salva y Sana (Only Christ Heals and Saves the Church) have given new life to this community, serving over 1,500 people. Learn more here.

Strengthening drinking water supply systems after a natural disaster

In addition to the daily challenges of accessing clean, safe water, communities in the Bahamas suffered massive flooding and destruction after Hurricane Dorian in 2019. At the time, Installed Water Mission four reverse osmosis (RO) systems, designed by Parker Hannifin, to meet the urgent need for potable water. In 2021, we installed a fifth reverse osmosis system at Rand Memorial Hospital, the nation’s second-largest public health facility, addressing the urgent need of healthcare workers for access to clean drinking water. These reverse osmosis systems, installed above flood level and capable of purifying salt water, ensure that clean, safe water is available even in the event of another natural disaster. Learn more here.

Disaster Response to Arctic Storms in Texas

When winter storms swept across Texas in February, record cold temperatures froze pipes, leaving half the population without access to clean water.Mission Water sent trained volunteer plumbers and provided emergency plumbing supplies to restore access to drinking water in the houses of vulnerable owners as Anna Margaret, a single mother. Learn more here.

Recovery and Healing

Recovering from a traumatic event is a matter of physical survival—and also emotional and spiritual healing. Refugees, especially those fleeing war-torn areas, need this healing. To help the many people streaming into a large refugee camp in Uganda, Water Mission partnered with local pastors and church leaders. These faith leaders have been trained as biblical trauma healing facilitators who can effectively counsel and encourage members of their communities, helping refugees and other community members find hope. Learn more here.

Hope for the future

Where would we be without the hope of Christ to guide us? The hope of living water, Jesus Christ, guided our work in 2021. Please join us in praying for the 2.2 billion people who are still waiting for clean water. Much remains to be done, and we rely on God’s providence to guide us on this continuing journey.

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