Shadow Council for Margao questions heavy waste management bills

February 27, 2022 | 07:38 IST

Shadow Council for Margao questions heavy waste management bills

Team Herald

MARGAO: The Shadow Council for Margao (SCM) has again questioned the payment of heavy bills from the waste management agency appointed by the Margao Municipal Council (MMC).

SCM official Savio Coutinho said the Council was paying nearly Rs 15 lakh per month to a contractor, who was given the job of door-to-door waste collection and blackhead removal by waste separation. SCM has undertaken to file a petition in the High Court regarding these matters.

“The burning of waste in Margao seems to be the scientific method of MMC. It has become routine for municipal workers to burn waste in the municipal garden, Ana Fonte Garden, while sweeping roadsides and cleaning up black spots. The pollution caused by such fires seems to be of least concern to our authorities,” Coutinho said.

While SCM lamented that door-to-door waste collection is not done separately, they expressed frustration that blackspot waste is collected in one place and set on fire, well outside. against waste disposal rules. and Office of Pollution Control guidelines.

Countho pointed out that on Saturday, agency workers picked up litter strewn near the bridge over Rawanfond and set it on fire instead of separating it and handing it over to municipal vehicles. He added that the purpose of pointing this out is that this agency’s invoices are certified by the relevant MMC supervisors/engineers as having separated the waste at these black spots, which is not true and can be seen on the site.

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