Sewage Disposal Station Hinders Food Truck Projects Near Port of Kahului

KAHULUI (HawaiiNewsNow) — A beautification project for a stretch of shoreline in Maui has encountered another hurdle.

Land near the Port of Kahului is finally cleared of homeless people and ready for food trucks thanks to a local non-profit organization. But there is a rather unpleasant neighbor – a sewage disposal station.

“You can smell the sewage as it pours,” said Vince Razo, president of Inmate Initiative. “You can see some of the spills they have there, and it’s not good with spills, especially right next to the ocean.”

Last year, the place was covered with encampments of homeless people. Razo and his team emptied and cleaned the ground. His vision is to transform the entire land into a community gathering place.

“We’re trying to make it nice, clean it up, and our vision is to put food trucks here, do it as a hangout, hopefully do a campsite for families to come and enjoy the region,” he said.

The area off Kahului Beach Road is where sewage pump trucks are permitted to dump what they have collected into the county sewer system.

“As a food truck owner, would you want to sell your food to customers if that happened? And also, as a customer, would you like to come here and buy food? Razo asked.

According to county sewage infrastructure maps, it is a “sanitary sewer manhole” installed in 1955.

Meanwhile, Mark Recopuerto, owner of Maana Wagon, secured his place in the lot two months ago.

“It’s bad for my clients,” Recopuerto said. “They say it really stinks. But I can’t tell them that I can stop it.

Razo and Recopuerto both hope the county can use an alternate location for unloading sewage trucks so they can move forward with their vision.

“I wish they could just go straight to the factory and drop off there instead of coming here. Because we’re trying to start a business and get these things done for the community,” Recopuerto said.

Hawaii News Now has sent a request for answers to Maui County and is still awaiting a response.

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