Settlement reached for daily wastewater that threatened Glenn County surface and groundwater

SACRAMENTO, California. – A settlement has been reached between JG Weststeyn Dairy in Glenn County and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The $ 21,379 settlement addresses violations of daily wastewater discharges that threatened to contaminate nearby groundwater and surface water.

The Central Valley Water Board prosecution team fined the dairy company for failing to meet reporting requirements under the Waste Discharge Requirements Order.

Administrative Liability (ACL) focused on multiple violations and on August 13 the Board of Directors passed a cease and desist order requiring Weststeyn Dairy and Trustees to comply with the Ordinance on Dairy Waste Discharge Requirements.

The shutdown and illness were based on multiple violations over five years, including over-spreading of manure and sewage on land, failure to implement proper storage and distribution, and discharge of water. dairy waste into surface water and groundwater.

“These enforcement actions send a message to dairy facilities about the importance of meeting their licensing requirements and the need to protect groundwater and surface water,” said John J. Baum, deputy general manager of Central Valley Water Board. “Especially in times of drought, we must be diligent in preserving the quality of our precious resources. “

The regulations require unloaders to protect the quality of groundwater and surface water and will be required to submit technical reports.

There are guidelines and restrictions regarding herd size and the storage and application of sewage and manure.

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