Separate the waste or prepare to pay a Rs 100 fine in Chennai – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

CHENNAI: Residents of the city will soon have to pay a fine of Rs 100 for failing to segregate domestic waste as the company decided to implement the provision under the Solid Waste Management Regulations, 2019. This decision is being considered to improve source segregation, an important step in reducing waste sent to landfills.

According to Schedule V of the Solid Waste Management Regulations, the civic body may impose a fine of Rs 100 on detached houses for non-segregation. The amount of the fine is Rs 1,000 for apartments and group households and Rs 5,000 for bulk waste generators. According to officials, 5,200 metric tons of trash are collected every day from 15 areas of the city. It is collected by conservators in 95% of homes and less than half of households separate the waste.

“Residents who do not sort waste will receive a notice with instructions and a 15-day deadline. If they continue to donate unsorted waste, they will be fined Rs 100 and Rs 1,000 per day,” an official said.

While sorted waste is directed to decentralized processing centers, unsorted waste is directed to resource recovery centers. From there, the non-degradable dry waste is given to recyclers while the wet waste is used to make manure and bio-NGV. The plastic bales are sent to cement factories and the rest of the waste is sent to dumps in Perungudi and Kodungaiyur.

“At present, some of the houses in our apartment sort the waste, but it is mixed with unsorted waste after collection. The company should also fix things,” said VS Jayaraman of the T Nagar Residents Welfare Association. From April 4 to May 5, authorities imposed a fine of 35 bulk generators Rs 1.5 lakh for non-segregation.

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