San Diego County Garbage Strike Agreement May Be Reached Soon Between Contact Republic Services and Union


SAN DIEGO – Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas spoke on social media on Saturday about upcoming changes amid the ongoing sanitation strike that has left waste management company Republic Services barred to collect garbage in communities across San Diego County.

“In a meeting this morning, Republic Services promised that all trash, recycling and green waste will be collected from Monday, January 10,” Salas said in a tweet. “Although this is a positive development, we cannot rest until the strike is resolved.”

As the county enters its fourth week of strike action, Salas expressed frustration, saying their garbage collectors deserve a “fair contract”. It comes after Republic Services’ latest offer for a new employment contract was rejected last week by Local 542.

“Like most residents of Chula Vista, I want this threat to our public health and safety addressed,” she said.

In December, more than 250 unionized workers quit their jobs to strike for higher wages, better benefits and better safety conditions. This caused headaches for many residents as the garbage continued to pile up.

Salas said the discussion of the garbage strike would be taken up at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

“I will ask the city council to consider all options, including in-house waste collection or the selection of another company, to ensure that the disruption of this vital service does not happen again,” he said. she declared.

For those whose garbage has not been collected, Salas advises residents to contact the mayor by email at [email protected]


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