Samsung launches new range of fully automatic Ecobubble™ top-loading washing machines that save up to 73% energy, up to 19% water and offer up to 20% maintenance in addition to fabrics

The new range also includes Hygiene Steam with integrated heater which provides up to 99.9% garment sanitization and is available in capacities from 10kg to 7kg.

Priced at INR 19,000, the range will be available at Samsung’s official online store, Samsung Shop, Samsung retail stores, major consumer electronics stores and online platforms including Amazon and Flipkart.

Samsung, India’s largest and most trusted consumer electronics brand, has unveiled its ecobubbleMT fully automatic top loading washing range machinery to complement modern lifestyle washing needs while making washing clothes more efficient. With and Digital inverter technologythis range is designed to guarantee up to 20% more fabric care while saving energy with each wash.

Ecobubble™ is a perfect blend of Samsung BubbleStorm™ and DualStorm™ technologies to provide superior washing quality. While BubbleStorm™ mixes detergent with air and water to create rich bubbles for 2.5 times faster detergent penetrationthe DualStorm™ pulsator creates a strong flow of water inside the drum for efficient cleaning.

The new range, with Hygiene steam with integrated heater washes clothes at 60°C to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria fabric. Plus, it’s effective at removing stubborn, oily stains from clothes without the need for tedious pre-treatment.

Designed to make laundry chores less tedious, the Very fastMT Technology washes each load in just approximately 29 minutes, reducing laundry time by 40%.

“At Samsung, we are focused on introducing innovative products that add value to users’ lives by providing a connected living experience. The new EcobulleMT is designed to meet growing consumer demand for antibacterial, energy efficient and large capacity washing machines. With several industry-leading features, we are confident the new range will meet consumer needs,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

The new range of EcobubbleMT top loading fully automatic washing machines can be monitored and controlled anytime and anywhere by connecting the machine to the Samsung SmartThings app using Wi-Fi. It comes with features like Laundry Recipe for selecting the optimal wash cycle, Laundry Planner for scheduling laundry, and HomeCare Wizard for energy monitoring and troubleshooting. The SmartThings app offers additional washing programs, including the “Sari” cycle specially designed for India.

The new range is also equipped with a unique system SpaceMaxMT Technology which creates more space inside without increasing the external dimensions. It is available in capacities of 9 kg and 10 kg.

The Digital inverter technology saves up to 40% energy and significantly reduces noise during wash cycles and provides long life. The new range digital inverter motor comes with a 12 year warranty.

Design and colors

The EcobulleMT the range of fully automatic top-loading washing machines will have a modern design with a rear control panel and will be available in five colors – Black Caviar, Pink Brown, Black Gray, lavender gray and light gray; with pink brown and dark gray as completely new color introductions.

Price and availability

The new range will be available at a starting price of INR 19,000 going up to INR 35,000 from 08 September 2022.

Select models will be available on Samsung’s official online store, Samsung Shop, retail stores and other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Guarantee and offers

Features of the new Samsung EcobubbleMT Fully automatic top loading Range of washing machines

ecobubbleMT Technology

Wash faster and more efficiently with EcobubbleMT – a combination of two main features BubbleStorm™ and DualStorm™ pulsator. BubbleStorm™ allows detergent penetration 2.5 times faster while the DualStorm™ pulsator creates a strong current of water inside the drum to effectively clean clothes.

Hygiene steam

Hygiene Steam cleans clothes thoroughly by releasing steam from the bottom of the drum and completely saturating the laundry. Hygienic steam removes ground-in dirt and 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. The linen receives an intensive and hygienic cleaning with hot water and steam at 60°C to disinfect the clothes and eliminate stubborn and greasy stains.

Smart control with Wi-Fi

By connecting the machine to the SmartThings app via Wi-Fi, the laundry experience becomes easy and fun. laundry recipe The feature gives recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on information such as color, fabric type and soil level provided by the user, eliminating the need to guess which cycle is best. At a time, laundry planner allows users to schedule the end time of their laundry. The Home care assistant not only helps monitor power consumption, but also alerts users to potential problems and provides quick troubleshooting.


This feature allows users to reduce normal laundry time by up to 40% and clean clothes perfectly. Super Speed ​​washes a load in just 29 minutes. SuperSpeed™ provides powerful cleaning and the rinse time is shortened thanks to this technology by accelerating the spin speed.


The 9 and 10 kg variants of the new range will come with SpaceMax™ Technology. This unique technology creates more interior space without increasing the exterior dimensions of the machine.

Digital inverter technology

Digital Inverter technology uses a brushless motor with powerful magnets for powerful performance and less noise while consuming 40% less energy than a conventional motor. It is built using high quality components and exceptional mechanical engineering. This is backed by a 12 year motor warranty which guarantees the long life of your washing machine.

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