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Garbage collection days as part of the newly approved organized garbage collection program.

Richfield City Council recently approved the move to organized garbage collection, and the details of how the program will work when it starts in October are becoming clear.

To that end, city staff and contracted garbage haulers finalized these details. Through these discussions, the city has identified the companies that will serve specific areas around Richfield:

• The northern width of the entire city (approximately one-quarter of households), from approximately Highway 62 to 66th Street, will be served by Waste Management.

• The city’s median strip (another quarter of households), from approximately 66th Street to 70th Street, will be served by Aspen.

• The rest of the city, from 70th Street South to Interstate 494, will be served by Republic.

There are a few small areas outside of these designated carrier zones, so residents should review the zone map to determine who will be their carrier when the program begins.

With the addition of over 700 new households to the program, some residents will see their day of service change. Residents are encouraged to view the online waste collection map, which shows carriers and planned collection days for the new system. These cards will also be mailed to residents over the coming week.

The majority of residents will see their garbage bills decrease as part of the new organized garbage collection program. Those who want to save even more money on their bills or those who rarely fill their trash cans may consider changing the size of the trash cart. Requests for a new size garbage cart must be made to the resident’s new garbage hauler no later than September 1 to receive the new cart the week of October 4.

garbage richfield2

Garbage collection carriers and the areas where they will work under the newly approved garbage collection program.

Similar to reducing the size of a cart, another cost-cutting strategy for residents who don’t produce a lot of garbage each week is to choose a garbage collection schedule every two weeks.

In addition, organized garbage collection will for the first time see selective collection services for organic waste in the city. Residents interested in registering for the new service can do so online at or by phone by dialing 612-861-9188.

Forms are available online to request walk-in service, assistance with trolley-to-curbside assistance for carriers, or an exemption from the program.

Soon the city will send a mailing to residents with all the information about the organized collection program. It will include maps for specific transportation zones, assigned days of duty of the week, and information on how residents can change the size of their cart.

– Contribution from the Richfield Communications Department


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