Recycle collection changes to adapt to supply chain challenges

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Waste Management is making changes to adapt to supply chain issues caused by the pandemic.

As part of these changes, the company has decided to conduct a recycling collection every two weeks. It’s a change that public sector director John Blessing says will ease the demands for trucking on the streets.

“We have been able to remove 5,600 kilometers of trucks per month from the streets. This gives us the opportunity to reallocate those resources to some of the roads where we are seeing driver shortages,” Blessing said.

According to Blessing, the change actually resulted in an increase in recycling.

“Each change takes a bit of time to digest, but we have seen communities not only prioritize recycling every two weeks with fewer trucks on their streets and communities, but also from an MRF perspective, we have seen in makes an increase in the recycle volumes we collect, ”said Blessing.

According to Waste Management, approximately 9,000 tonnes of goods are processed from the subway each month.

In an effort to keep plant operations running smoothly, manager Tronnie Blair urges people not to recycle items like pizza boxes and plastic bags.

“It could lead to massive jams and downtime, equipment failure or rejects in factories when we send this material,” said Blair.

Waste Management has a list of what to recycle.

Like many businesses, Waste Management said it is looking to hire people and offer incentives. Information on available careers is available on the Waste Management website.

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