Quectel and Sensoneo Partnership Provides Smarter Waste Solutions for Cities


The Sensoneo / Quectel solution combines smart sensors that monitor waste in real time with advanced tracking equipment and sophisticated software.

The new Sensoneo / Quectel solution combines smart sensors that monitor waste in real time with advanced tracking equipment and sophisticated software, providing cities and businesses with digital transformation, automation of critical daily operations and decision-making based on on the data.

According to partners, this translates into transparent waste flows, optimization of waste collection routes, vehicle frequencies and loads, and the ability to easily introduce pay-as-you-go (PAYT) programs. The sensors are rugged, water and shock resistant and offer functions such as fire alarm and tilt recognition. So far, the technology has been installed in around 60 countries. a smarter way to manage waste

“It’s available in EMEA and both South America and North America, and is already helping to drastically reduce carbon production,” says Yalcinkaya, who admits it’s not an easy solution to provide. , because waste collection is a difficult and demanding environment. , which means that high quality modules and devices are needed to ensure efficient performance.

“Sensoneo’s smart city and smart waste technology is a new concept and customers and customers may be hesitant when it comes to deploying new technologies,” Yalcinkaya explains. “So the first step in gaining their trust as a reliable partner is to offer first class equipment. Jaroslav Galas, CTO of Sensonseo chose Quectel for the construction of Sensoneo equipment because they demand quality and reliability, and the Quectel brand is well known in the market and trusted by its customers. “

So far, the data collected confirms that the new joint solution offers: 30 to 63% reduction in the kilometers of waste collection routes for customers; 97% accuracy regarding the actual production of waste; and a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 60% in cities.

“It takes commitment, top talent, innovation, 24/7 support and confidence to tackle issues like smarter waste management for a better smarter and safer world for everyone, ”says Yalcinkaya. “Quectel has been in business for just over a decade, we have 2,300 engineers, making us the largest engineering team in the IoT industry, with 360 degree interregional support in key areas such as system assessment, design, prototyping, testing, mass production and extensive certifications. Our teams are made up of international experts who are diverse and come from all corners of the earth. are continually inspired by our customers to be part of the global village and build a smarter world.


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