Prime Minister of Tasmania – Opinions Sought on Turning Organic Waste into Energy

December 15, 2021

Guy Barnett, Minister of Energy and Emissions Reduction

Modern bioenergy is one of the most widely used renewable energy sources in the world and the government of Tasmania is laying the groundwork to make the most of this abundant resource with a new project Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania.

Bioenergy is energy produced from organic materials, including from agricultural, municipal, industrial and forestry wastes and residues, and can meet a wide range of energy needs including heating, fuels such as methane and transportation fuels for cars, boats and airplanes as well as power generation. and industrial heat.

Submissions are now being solicited on the draft vision with comments received to fuel the finalization of the vision to pave the way for this additional energy source joining our existing renewable energy capacity.

As biomass can be repelled in a sustainable manner, bioenergy is globally recognized as a renewable energy source and can replace or prevent the use of fossil fuels in many applications.

Our bioenergy potential complements and reinforces our broader drive to become a global renewable energy powerhouse that enables our clean energy generation capacity to work for all Tasmanians, reduce energy costs for households and businesses, grow our economy and supporting local jobs.

Tasmania already leads the country in producing 100% of its electricity needs from renewables and biomass energy supplements this using what would otherwise be, and traditionally has been, discarded.

We welcome comments and contributions from groups interested in our bioenergy future, which will be taken into account when finalizing our Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania over the next few months.

Sketch Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania has been developed with the help of a wide range of industries including agriculture, aquaculture, waste management, forestry and wood processing, power generation, industrial energy users , transport, high-tech industrial organizations and construction.

Our draft Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania is available at with submissions closing on February 14, 2022.

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