PETA partners with H&M for the first vegan fashion collection

What animal-friendly materials are featured in the H&M and PETA collection?

You probably love flowers and wine, but have you ever worn them? PETA is always on the lookout for new materials that are animal friendly and also better for the planet. That’s why we’re excited that our partnership with H&M is bringing the most innovative vegan fabrics to the brand’s Innovation Stories initiative to find the best new fabrics for the future. These materials are as functional as they are fashionable.

FLWRDWN—Wild flowers instead of down feathers

This vegan down is a cellulosic material created with natural wild flowers. It has high filling power, so it will keep you warm and comfortable. In Co-Exist Story, it is used in shoes and puffer jackets, padded pants, and reversible padded shoulder bags.

VEGETA– Grape leather, no animal skin

VEGEA is ™ an innovative vegan material made in part from skins, stems and grape seeds discarded during winemaking. The Co-Exist Story collection embossed vest and pants are made from this material, so you can wear them proudly knowing that you are both stylish and kind to animals.

ECONYL® — Your new comfortable knits are made with nylon fibers.

ECONYL® is a regenerated nylon created from waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth, such as fishing nets and fabric scraps. This material is not only a solution against waste, but it is also better in the face of climate change. It reduces the impact of nylon on global warming by up to 90% compared to petroleum material. In the Co-Exist Story collection, you can find the ECONYL® material in oversized knit.

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