Penetron helps clean up sewage treatment in Atyrau, Kazakhstan


Cleaner Outcome: Atryau’s new wastewater treatment plant in Kazakhstan features microfiltration and an activated sludge process for a cleaner effluent that can be reused for irrigation.

With increased treatment capacity that provides cleaner effluent, the Atyrau plant will require reduced concrete-related maintenance – extending the life of the treatment plant and lowering repair costs for the city.

Commissioned in February 2021, the new Atyrau wastewater treatment plant in Kazakhstan features more efficient and biologically improved treatment processes, as well as waterproofing of Penetron concrete. The Penetron system guarantees durable concrete structures and avoids downstream maintenance costs.

Also known as the “oil capital of Kazakhstan”, Atyrau is a prosperous city of over 155,000 inhabitants located in the far west of the country. Located at the mouth of the Urals on the Caspian Sea, Atyrau straddles the geographical border between the European and Asian continents.

The city’s new sewage treatment plant (WWTP) on the Urals bank was built to provide treatment capacity to the eastern part of Atyrau, including Almagul district. A key component of the city’s new wastewater treatment plant is the membrane bioreactor (MBR), which combines a membrane filtration process (microfiltration or ultrafiltration) with a biological wastewater treatment process, or an activated sludge process. . MBR processes produce cleaner effluents that can be discharged to surface or brackish waterways or can be recovered for urban irrigation.

Improved processing technology

“The MBR system has a smaller footprint and is a welcome improvement over the previous sewage treatment at Atyrau,” adds Armen Gegamyan, local representative of Penetron Kazakhstan. “The result is a more environmentally friendly operation.

The reinforced concrete structures of wastewater treatment plants are constantly exposed to aggressive substances commonly present in effluents. This can lead to the rapid destruction of reinforced concrete structures. To protect the concrete, Pavlodar River Port, the general contractor for the project, specified PENETRON ADMIX treated concrete for the new concrete structures of the treatment plant. Other existing parts of the Atyrau plant – the receiving chamber, secondary sediment chambers and pumping station – have been waterproofed with PENETRON, a locally applied crystalline material.

Avoid water-borne chemicals

Like PENETRON ADMIX, PENETRON penetrates deep into the structure of concrete, filling microcracks, pores and capillaries with insoluble crystalline formation. This prevents water and water-based chemicals from entering concrete structures, even under high hydrostatic pressure. In addition, any cracks that may develop during the life of the concrete self-heal automatically, resulting in waterproof and durable concrete for the life of the concrete structures of the Atyrau sewage treatment plant.

“With increased treatment capacity that provides cleaner effluent, the Atyrau plant will require reduced concrete-related maintenance – extending the life of the treatment plant and reducing repair costs for the city,” adds Armen Gegamyan.

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