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California-based startup IntelePeer is a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) provider, building platforms that use automation, AI, and analytics to help businesses connect with their customers.

Healthcare organizations typically don’t view the people they serve as customers, but when HealthEZ, a US-based healthcare plan administrator, was looking for an automated solution for its callers, it chose the platform. customizable form of IntelePeer. The insurer has a 24/7 customer service hotline and needed a solution that would provide automated messaging to some of its customers of a transactional nature.

“We have analyzed and evaluated several interactive voice response solutions,” said Josh Schreiner, chief of staff at HealthEZ. “We chose IntelePeer for its comprehensive CPaaS offerings that will allow us the agility and flexibility we need to ensure excellence at all levels.

Until then, every helpline call had been handled by a live representative, but 75% of all inbound calls were transactional. HealthEZ decided to implement an automated solution that would allow callers to decide whether to speak to an automated person or agent. As a result, they now have the ability to call outside of working hours and perform common processes.

IntelePeer’s Atmosphere® CPaaS platform enables businesses to interact with their customers with a variety of tools, including voice, SMS and social messaging, AI-enabled communication automation and routing and access to on-demand analytics for actionable insights.

“Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) in general have struggled to deliver patient communications that meet customer demand and expectations in recent years as other industries have rapidly transformed their customer experiences, ”says John Ward, CTO at IntelePeer.

“Customer experience in healthcare is more commonly referred to as patient care, and HDOs spend just 0.9% of their revenue on CX compared to the all industry average of 1.7%. While this gap may seem insignificant, it is still surprising from prospects that patients around the world rely on communication channels to connect with the right people to address their often urgent medical concerns, as well as their health insurance plans and billing.

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