Outside company performing a rate study for the sewer agreement between the city and the township

CHEBOYGAN — An outside firm will soon carry out a rate study on sewer rates to be charged, providing the Town of Cheboygan and the Township of Inverness with unbiased information to move forward with a sewer deal.

At the Cheboygan City Council meeting on January 11, City Manager Dan Sabolsky was asked if there had been any progress towards reaching a sewer services agreement with the township. Little was said about the agreement for several months.

“We met again. The meeting went well. We went over the numbers,” Sabolsky said. “What we decided was that we hired Budzinski and Associates to do a water and sewer rate study for us, with the money we got for the water treatment plant. worn.”

Representatives of the Town of Cheboygan – including Sabolsky, Director of the Town of Cheboygan Public Works, Water and Wastewater Jason Karmol and Town of Cheboygan Solicitor Stephen Lindsay – worked extensively with the Township of Inverness for several years to complete reviews of a new sewer agreement between the two local government units.

Following:Cheboygan City Manager to negotiate new sewer contract with Inverness Township

Following:City and Township of Inverness move forward with negotiations for new sewer contract

When the city and the township have the figures from this tariff study, the two government units will be able to meet again and finalize the agreement.

Sabolsky said Inverness Township officials were fine with awaiting the results of the rate study.

The township had a different set of numbers as to what to charge for sewer rates than the city had. Using an impartial third party will help them reach a better agreement on what rates to apply in the city and what rates to apply to township residents as well.

“It’s kind of a middle ground between our numbers with Jason and the numbers they had,” Sabolsky said.

Sabolsky said he could see where there were concerns from the township with the difference in the number of fares to be charged.

The city had already requested that the rate study be supplemented with improvements to the city’s wastewater treatment. This rate study will also be useful when it comes to entering into a new sewer agreement with the township, so that the numbers are consistent.

“So as soon as that happens, I think it will make it easier for us,” Sabolsky said. “Because we then have two different numbers – Budzinski and Associates and then the Rural Water numbers – so we have two sets of numbers that we can release.”

By putting the two different impartial rates together, the two government agencies will not have the upper hand on the rate numbers, because neither of them put them together.

Sabolsky said he had spoken with Inverness Township Administrator Greg Elliott about the approach of contracting the study to the outside firm, and he said the township was comfortable with it. that.

For many years the Town of Cheboygan and the Township of Inverness had operated under a sewer agreement and the three amendments that had been made to that document. More recently, the city worked with the township to consolidate these documents into a new agreement, with updated rates for the city’s treatment of township wastewater.

Following:City discusses Inverness Township sewer services deal

The average waste stream into the city from the township is approximately 35,000 gallons per day. These flow to the sewage treatment facility at the north end of town, where they are treated.

Township and city officials are hopeful that once the new rate study is completed, progress will be made to put in place a new deal that is fair and equitable to both parties.

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