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Sodiq Yusuf

JHE The Osun State government has issued a warning to residents of the state about the dangers associated with improper waste management in their areas.

The Environment and Sanitation Commissioner, Mr. Sola Oladepo, noted that if waste is not properly managed, it can lead to serious environmental problems ranging from avoidable poor aesthetics, odors, diseases, flooding and erosion as well as climate change, among others.

Oladepo revealed this during the launch of the Youth and Women Empowerment Capacity Building Workshop on “Sound Waste Management” held on Wednesday in Osogbo, the state capital.

He further noted that Nigeria’s population projection in 2050 will be 400 million, saying that waste generation and related problems would have doubled if concerted efforts were not made to tackle the threat.

The commissioner said: “As we all know; waste generation is an integral part of our daily activities. Every living human being generates waste, in fact all living beings will also become waste when their individual’s life cycle expires.

“The production of waste by human activities is a function of population, urbanization and social class. Our industries and commercial activities also contribute to a large extent to the generation of waste. In today’s world, waste is no longer seen as waste, but as poorly located resources.

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