Oak Hill Sanitary Board Wins Wastewater System of the Year | State and region

Oak Hill – Oak Hill Sanitary Board received the 2022 Wastewater System of the Year award at Water on the Mountain, a conference hosted by the West Virginia Rural Water Association.

Like many city-owned systems, Oak Hill has had issues over the past year, but recent project upgrades and improved treatment methods have helped eliminate these problem areas. Operators, working closely with city engineers, The Thrasher Group, and regulatory and funding agencies have successfully avoided accidents and look forward to many years of near trouble-free operation.

Oak Hill Health Board received recognition for responding to the need to save the Arbuckle Utility District from a failing sewage collection and treatment system. The city has decommissioned the old Arbuckle PSD sewage treatment plant by constructing a new pumping station to transport flows to the Minden Road sewage treatment plant. The Minden Wastewater Treatment Plant was upgraded to handle an average daily flow of 1.3 million gallons per day and a peak flow of 2.65 million gallons per day. A 1.0 million gallon pre-equalization pond was also constructed.

While upgrading the Minden Road sewage treatment plant, the council also carried out major repairs and replacements to the collection system and upgraded the Route 61 sewage treatment plant to handle a flow daily average of 0.60 million gallons per day and a peak flow of 1.20 million gallons per day. daytime. The upgrade included construction of a new pretreatment system, conversion of equalization ponds to sequencing batch reactor processing ponds, and upgrading of two existing sequencing batch reactor ponds.

A new Asset Management Plan was developed in December 2021 and coupled with a recently acquired Geographic Information System. Day-to-day operations allowed the system to operate more efficiently and provide better customer service. The Geographic Information System provides support at all levels and maps infrastructure assets, asset inspection and a work order management system.

In addition to saving a failing system, the council expanded the project to allow for upgrades to the city’s existing system to minimize and eliminate non-compliance issues.

This achievement was made possible by the dedicated Oak Hill Sanitation staff who manage the day-to-day operations. Including Steven Whitmore who was named 2021 Wastewater Operator of the Year.

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