NUTRIS opens the first European plant for the manufacture of bean protein isolates using revolutionary technology

The investment is a joint venture with Denmark’s SiccaDania, one of the leading companies providing engineering solutions for the plant industry. The plant uses revolutionary technology that the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has been in development for over a decade, and which SiccaDania and™ have extensively tested and improved, while proving its application in an industrial environment. This investment is part of a larger investment cycle, which includes the expansion of existing facilities until 2025 and the establishment of state-of-the-art NUTRIS.park™, ​​as an agro-industrial HUB forefront by 2030.

“I am proud of the fact that NUTRIS Group was the first to implement the revolutionary process and green technology for the production of premium quality ingredients from beans, which will become a central energy source in the power supply of the future, and the first to build the only European hybrid plant. The plant will use the latest technology to manufacture high quality plant-based ingredients, with an emphasis on protein. The new factory is the first step towards the creation of the NUTRIS.park agro-industrial park™ where all processes will be combined in one place, from primary production, research and development, to industrial production, as well as socially beneficial, educational and sports facilities for all who believe in our nutritious, innovative and sustainable, ” mentioned Zvonimir Sedlić, Founder and Chairman of the Board of NUTRIS Group.™ produces protein isolates, starch and fiber from beans and potatoes, and currently cooperates with more than 250 family farms and employs 50 experts. Their goal is to reach a production capacity of 70,000 tons of high-quality ingredients for the food industry by 2025 in cooperation with more than a thousand family farms, as well as to create more than 100 new jobs. Their plant-based ingredients are marketed under the NutriSmart brand and are of superior quality, suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. They are also gluten-free, allergen-free and taste-neutral, produced from raw materials sourced from across the EU. They are aimed at food industries in the most dynamic markets, including the EU, North Americaand Asia.

NUTRIS operates according to the principles of the circular economy, with the aim of reducing waste and increasing the use of sustainable energy sources. Thus, they obtain 100% of the electricity they need from renewable energy sources. Finally, their water is filtered and reused, and the by-product of extracting protein from the beans is used to fertilize new fields.

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SOURCE Nutris Group

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