North Grenville’s organic waste management program diverts 20% of waste from landfill

New figures also showed that the “organic material capture rate” exceeded the first and second year targets.

North Grenville’s new organic waste program has proven to be a good thing for the municipality, according to council.

The program implemented last February not only diverted waste from landfill, but the cost of implementing the program was under budget.

This is based on a report released by North Grenville Council on Tuesday June 7.

Key findings show that the average “organic material capture rate” exceeded the first and second year targets by 30% and 40%, respectively, reaching 41%.

(The organics capture rate is the weight of recyclables collected for recycling divided by the weight of all recyclables in the waste stream.)

And the amount of waste sent to landfill has been reduced by 20% compared to the same period a year earlier.

In September and October 2020, council retained Emterra Environmental for waste management collection and approved an updated bag tag system for the municipality, according to the report.

“The municipality has introduced a weekly curtsey for bulky items and leaf and yard waste collection events. The new contract also changed the frequency of garbage collection from weekly to bi-weekly. »

Attendance at bulky items and leaf and yard waste events was lower than expected, according to the report.

He also suggested exploring a reduction in the number of collections per year during the 2023 budget process.

In its pre-program estimates, the municipality projected that rolling out the waste management program would cost more than $176,750. However, the actual cost was $166,805, a difference of $9,945.

The cost of waste disposal was also $91,100 lower than expected, with the municipality spending $509,300, according to the financial statements.

The price for the blue box treatment ended up being $43,720, about $21.90 less than the expected numbers.

And while the municipality was expected to receive over $916,000 in revenue in the program’s first year, North Grenville ended up with revenues of just over $899,300.

The waste collection program, according to reports, can be considered to be running at net zero.

And while full details on the blue box transition have not been released, North Grenville’s blue box program is scheduled to transition on October 1, 2023.

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