New $ 20 million waste management plan begins in New Orleans


“Thirty days is our goal right now to clean this stuff up. Frankly, I consider it a lot shorter than that.

NEW ORLEANS – Trucks full of trash were pulled over Friday at a long-closed transfer station on Chef Highway in eastern New Orleans.

Waste Management’s transfer station – where garbage can be dropped off before going to landfill – will be open for 90 days as part of a new plan to try to clear the streets of rotten garbage.

It is now one of two active in the city.

“The transfer station makes this more attractive to garbage truck operators,” said deputy general manager Ramsey Green.

It’s also part of a new plan announced Thursday by Mayor LaToya Cantrell to try to bring the growing waste problem under control. While Cantrell has said it is signing four new contracts – worth $ 20 million – the deal actually amends two existing contracts.

Ceres Environmental will now be able to transport storm debris and garbage. His previous contract was only for debris removal.

Witt O’Brien’s, a disaster management firm, also had its contract amended. He will now watch Ceres as he works to clean up the city.

“These are two completely different areas of work. The activities will take place separately. Resources will not overlap based on FEMA regulations. New Orleans sanitation director Matt Torri said.

Eight teams from Ceres began picking up the trash on Friday using more than garbage trucks.

“One thing through ‘Operation: Mardi Gras’ we picked up the garbage without garbage trucks. And we’re learning to do it a little more efficiently, ”Green said. “When you look at Ceres, these aren’t real garbage trucks. It’s about front-end loaders, dump trucks, sweepers and trying to figure out, okay, we don’t have access to garbage trucks, but how do we do that as efficiently as possible? “

Ultimately, 35 Ceres crews will be in the streets.

River Birch will have 20 garbage trucks to help with the garbage collection Saturday and Sunday in Service Zone 2, which includes everything from New Orleans East to Lakeview.

The town hall hopes that major advances will be made within 30 days.

“I mentioned that I wanted to get a grant from FEMA. So we have to work within the defined scope and timeframe associated with this, ”said Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

“Thirty days is our goal right now to clean this stuff up,” Green said. “Frankly, I consider it a lot shorter than that.”

A deadline that many people hope the City will meet.


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