Munnar Panchayat and Manorama join forces for good waste management


Munnar: Solid waste management is a headache for local self-government organizations. The random disposal of waste causes pollution of water and air, in addition to endangering public health. The challenge is mounting in the case of Munnar because it is a tourist destination of choice.

Munnar Grama Panchayat is ready to team up with Malayala Manorama’s “Broom Broom Idukki” challenge to form special projects to keep the hill station clean. Strict measures are said to be initiated by the panchayat to prevent the dumping of waste on roadsides and in public places in the city of Munnar.

Manorama had published a report on the threat of solid waste as well as photos of piles of garbage on the side of the roads. Following this, the secretary of the panchayat carried out inspections in these areas.

garbage dumped in Anjam Mayil | Manorama

“The Panchayat has identified the places where waste is constantly dumped. The areas near the Headworks and Anjam Mayil dam in Rajamala were the places where piles of waste and garbage were found,” said its secretary VR Ajith Kumar.

Two mobile squads have been formed to stop the dumping of waste in these areas, he added.

The teams are led by the secretary himself and the junior superintendent Krishna Pillai.

If piles of trash are found near roadside shops, strict action will be taken against the vendors. The panchayat would collect waste from these roadside shops by charging a user fee. Organic waste would be collected daily while inorganic waste would be collected once every three days.

Tourists too, beware!

Action would be taken even against tourists if they were found dumping litter on the side of the road.

He said the Panchayat recently fined a resort town of 5,000 rupees for dumping rubbish on the side of the road. In shops and other commercial establishments, it is up to the owners to collect the waste and hand it over to the panchayat.

Ajith Kumar stressed that panchayat officials will ensure that this proper waste management system is strictly followed by store owners.


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