Moulay Bousselham wastewater treatment plant

The Régie Autonome de Kenitra (RAK), a public body in charge of the distribution of water, electricity and wastewater management in Morocco, won the contract for the design and construction of the station project purification plant at Moulay Bousselham in the region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra.

The contract was awarded to Biwater Holdings Limited, a UK company dedicated to the development of products and services meeting the needs of the water industry around the world, thanks to its extensive experience (53 years of experience) in the design and the implementation of drinking water and sanitation systems.

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This project, according to Biwater, is part of the Moroccan authorities’ strategy to increase investments in sanitation solutions tenfold, a priority because “the kingdom of North Africa is striving to meet the demands of the development of the industry. , trade, agriculture and tourism.

The objective of the Moulay Bousselham wastewater treatment plant

When completed, the Moulay Bousselham wastewater treatment plant is expected to provide pre-treatment, biological treatment and advanced tertiary wastewater treatment, including closed-loop low-pressure ultraviolet disinfection.

According to Yassine Laib, National Director of Biwater for Morocco, the aim of this project is to protect the Merje Zerga Lagoon Reserve (one of the most important bird habitats in Morocco, attracting bird watchers from all over the world. ) and Moulay Bousselham beach from wastewater discharges, which can cause biological disturbances, leading to reproductive, growth or immune system disorders in aquatic organisms.

The treated wastewater will be used for irrigation in the region, well known for its agricultural activities, including the production of strawberries which are exported around the world.


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