Mangala Resource requested to submit a report on waste management


Deputy Commissioner KV Rajendra asked Mangala Resource Management Pvt on Monday. Ltd., a start-up led by Mangaluru Ramakrishna Mutt, to submit a Detailed Project Report (DPR) to Mangaluru City Corporation on how solid waste collection, transportation and treatment could be better done in the city.

Speaking at a public consultation meeting on solid waste management here, the deputy commissioner asked the start-up to submit the report within a week.

The meeting was called to introduce a better solid waste management system to the city as a seven-year contract from Antony Waste Handling Cell Pvt. Ltd., which now collects and transports solid waste for the company, will end on January 31, 2022. The deputy commissioner also asked the company to extend the existing contract by a few more months, if necessary, until the in place of a new system. .

Swami Ekagamyananda of Ramakrishna Mutt told the meeting that the start-up is now processing the wet waste produced by 600 houses (apartments) in 16 apartments in the city in the premises of the apartments themselves by adopting the potted compost method. This has been going on for a year and a half.

He suggested that the company introduce electric vehicles for waste collection and transportation, as it could save up to 50% in the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance.

Swami Ekagamyananda said the company may need 300 electric vehicles and 20 trucks. An investment of around 10 crore may be required for the purchase of vehicles. Approximately 5,000 square feet may be needed in each of the 60 departments to process wet waste at the department level itself to convert it to compost. Wet waste will be converted into compost using a no-fouling method. About 2,100 people are needed to manage solid waste, from collection to transport to processing.

Mayor Premananda Shetty told the meeting that the company’s board, at its special meeting earlier this month, approved a detailed project report on revised solid waste management submitted by Anti Pollution Drive. It will be retained without ratification until the start-up’s DPR is submitted to the board for discussion. The option of selecting a final DPR, out of the two, for recommendation to government will be given to the board.

Mr Shetty said the company will provide data to the start-up for DPR preparation as per government guidelines.

Previously, the mayor had said that a committee would be formed to discuss the DPR in detail, if necessary, to make changes to it before sending it to the government. If necessary, a public consultation will also be held. Certain modifications can also be made during calls for tenders to resume waste management for the next five years.


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