LWMC releases plan for Eid

LAHORE: Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) released its sanitation plan for the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha by holding a press briefing here on Wednesday.

LWMC Chairman Khawaja Ahmad Hassan, Commissioner Lahore Capt (Retd) Muhammad Usman, LWMC CEO Rafia Haider and Wasa MD Ghufran Ahmad attended the press conference.

Speaking to the media, LWMC Chairman Khawaja Ahmad Hassaan briefed the media on the Eid cleanliness plan. He said the company had made grassroots level reforms to help the people of Lahore. To ensure proper waste disposal and keep the city clean, 1.5 million bags will be distributed to citizens. The department will provide 1 million small garbage bags and 0.5 million large bags.

According to the plan, LWMC will make special arrangements for solid waste management. All LWMC staff will remain on board during Eid days to provide efficient cleanliness services to citizens. LWMC CEO Rafia Haider informed that the company has started its Eid cleanliness operation by providing the sanitation facilities in 13 livestock markets. Trash bags will be made available free of charge at all Livestock Markets respectively 280 UC Camps, Zonal Offices, Major Masajids/Eid Gahs. LWMC will hire vans two days before Eid for bin bag distribution, outreach and waste collection. More than 3,500 vans will be deployed to all CUs in Lahore for the collection of animal waste. LWMC will also ensure the cleanliness of 190 Ijtami Qurban Gahs by providing additional resources i.e. collections, containers, carts etc. In addition to the containers, 110 temporary waste storage points and five dump sites (Lakhodair, Mehmood Booti, ​​Sundar, Tibba, Saggian) for animal waste will also be set up. LWMC will also collect animal waste from all private housing companies by establishing special collection points. The administration of private companies will be responsible for waste collection from their premises while LWMC will collect and transport waste from five designated temporary points only. Similarly, special cleanliness provisions will be provided near and around Eid-Gahs/Masajids. All religious scholars were also asked to sensitize people during Jumma and Eid sermons to cooperate with LWMC and maintain cleanliness.

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