LWMC lifts more than 97,500 tonnes of waste in a fortnight

LAHORE: Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) completed its 15-day cleanup operation on Friday and lifted over 97,500 tons of solid waste from urban areas.

The cleanliness operation took place in phases in all of the city’s 9 municipalities. During Operation Zero Waste, LWMC has made extraordinary cleanliness arrangements outside all mosques, churches, cemeteries, public and private hospitals, commercial markets, parks, cattle markets, main roads, public offices followed by other places in the city.

LWMC lifted 1,095 tons of waste from Gulberg city, 1,718 tons from Samnabad city, 6,368 tons from Allama Iqbal city, 2,864 tons from Nishter city, 1,069 tons from from Data Ganj Baksh, 986 tons from Aziz Bhatti town, 2,058 tons from Ravi town, 1,463 tons from Shalimar town and 758 tons from Wahga town. The LWMC collectively disposed of an additional 18,380 tonnes of waste.

According to the plan, 13 open plots and 55 open heaps have been cleared in Gulberg town, 14 open plots and 51 open heaps in Data Ganj Bakhsh town, 23 open plots in Aziz Bhatti town, 209 open plots in the city of Allama Iqbal, 68 open plots. in Nishtar Town, 119 open plots in Ravi Town and 18 open plots in Samanabad. 49 open plots in Shalimar town and 21 open plots have been cleared in Wagha town. LWMC CEO Rafia Haider said the department had taken all possible measures to eliminate waste. The LWMC mobilized all its manpower and machinery to make the city zero waste before Eid-ul-Azha.

She said the Eid plan is not limited to this zero waste operation, the special cleanliness activities will continue until Eid, followed by a rapid turnaround of public complaints. In addition, cleaning operations are underway in all cattle markets in the city where 170 sanitary workers as well as machines have been delegated.

The general manager of LWMC herself oversaw the special operation and ordered the team to continue the same efforts until Eid. The LWMC CEO ordered to further improve the cleanliness situation of the city and stressed to strictly follow the Eid cleanliness plan. She said the department was formed to serve the public and we will ensure that citizens are facilitated. Any neglect of cleanliness will not be tolerated at any cost. The LWMC spokesperson said citizen cooperation was essential for the department to ensure 100% cleanliness in the city. He said citizens can dial the LWMC helpline 1139 or use the Clean Lahore mobile app for their litter related complaints.

commodity prices: the Secretary of Industry and Commerce Dr Ahmad Javed Qazi inaugurated on Friday the cell of strategy and analysis within the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The cell is established to analyze daily commodity prices, supply, stocks and the performance of price control magistrates across the province.

DG Industries will monitor the cell at their office. Videoconferencing facilities will also be available in the cell. Relevant departments and the Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) office will liaise on pricing issues and issues will be resolved based on cell analysis reports.

In his remarks, Javed Qazi said the creation of a cell would be helpful in terms of price control measures. On this occasion, DG Industries informed the secretary about the functioning of the cell. Additional Commerce Secretary Ijaz Razaqi and officials from the Department of Industries and Commerce were also present.

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