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Water storage delays
worsens the drought

Well, another drought. Surprise Surprise. And again, government officials are acting like they haven’t seen this coming.

The effects of this drought could have been greatly minimized. In 2017 and 2019, we experienced extreme rains that produced so much runoff that it caused flooding in northern California. If the Reservoir of sites had been in place during that time, we could have captured and stored much of this excess runoff for use in a dry year like the one we are currently experiencing at over a million acres- feet.

The site reservoir project could have been completely built over a decade ago. But so far no shovel has touched the ground. Environmental studies, red tape, whistleblowing and government bureaucracy have overshadowed the actual work in progress. It was Benjamin Franklin who quoted: “Well done is better than well said. “

Bruce roberts
Los Gatos

A simple device could
save a lot of water

Every time we open the hot water faucet, we have to wait several seconds or more for the water to get hot. Everywhere from a liter to a gallon of water is wasted. This is especially true if the shower is upstairs and the water heater is downstairs.

It looks like we can go through a very long period of drought, maybe years.

Construction of a new residence should be required to include tankless water heaters under each sink. My first experience with one was in France 50 years ago. My current produces hot water in six seconds.

If a home’s sinks, showers and dishwashers take an average of 15 seconds to produce hot water and are turned on 20 times a day, it is as if the water was flowing down the drain for five full minutes.

Dale bartoletti

To be safe, Democrats should
support a candidate

The recall election rules allow a registered candidate to be voted on if the recall passes, but the registered name must be on a certified list.

I would like the California Democratic Party to support just one Democratic candidate on the certified list. I suggest Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis. This would allow me to vote NO on the recall, but still vote Democrat in case the recall is adopted.

Vania Matzek

Reminder offers choice
democracy or chaos

I implore California voters to vote no in the special recall election.

Our current political divide is no longer a choice between liberal politics against conservative politics, but rather a choice between multicultural democratic governance against autocracy, corruption and chaos. Those who have taken advantage of the low bar of our state to trigger a recall represent the latter.

If successful, a new governor could seek to eliminate public health measures that protect our children from COVID-19, work to restrict voting rights and, in the worst case, appoint a Republican Senator of the States -United if something happens to one of our sitting senators. , depriving Democrats of their slim majority.

Voting no on the recall is the right thing to do, even if you are not a particular fan of Governor Gavin Newsom. After all, there will be an opportunity to replace him in the real election next year.

Kassandra Sharp
Palo Alto

Lead emits a trick
close the airport

Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez escalates her assault on Reid-Hillview Airport. She already has it under a death warrant when the Santa Clara County FAA assurances expire in 2031, but now she wants to shut it down immediately based on false claims of imminent danger of childhood lead poisoning. .

But the lead levels in the blood of children around Reid Hillview are in accordance with state and national levels near or far from airports. They are minimal and are not caused by the airport. Worse yet, she is recruiting naive social service agencies and faith-based organizations to her cause by using bad science to pull the chords.

Readers should know that advancements towards unleaded aviation fuels will soon make his complaint not only false, but also irrelevant. Chavez works for real estate developers and tax collectors, not for kids who aren’t at risk anyway.

Richard Tavan

In-person learning
should not be derailed

D. “Delta variant puts the brakes on education”, page B1, August 15:

In schools such as Liberty Union High and Brentwood Union, cases of positive students have been identified after starting school. Parents fear their children will catch the virus through in-person learning.

However, in the two high schools that reported positive cases of COVID, “most were infected off campus.” This means that parents and students need to be more careful when attending less health conscious events, such as parties or concerts. Schools could use effective safety procedures, such as those that proved to be effective during last year’s pandemic.

The State of California recently approved Assembly Bill 104 which offers expanded learning and credit recovery options for students who may have struggled during the pandemic. This shows the state’s recognition of how students have suffered academically, socially and emotionally while learning online at home. In-person interactions and learning instructions are extremely important to the well-being of students of all ages.

Yubin Zhang
Palo Alto


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